Blogging Tips

Blogging Tips: Nowadays so many internet users are becoming bloggers according to their interest and criteria, For them provided here some basic inforamtion to come into blogging world.

Create Your Own Blog: First we should have a confirmed idea on which Category you want to start you own blog. For example on health care, business, Technologies

Difference between Blog and Website: Under one popular server, you start a site means… It will be called as blog. Example:, so many bloggers are starting their own blog in

Website: You should have your own hosting server and domain name will be called as website.

Domain Name: In this “domain name” means for your website you should have a name, that is unique in web registries. Even if you have a “domain name “ name also, you should a hosting server for your files and images of your web pages. So please remember that “domain name” is different from hosting server.

Hosting Server: Generally we can have “domain name” in one web-registry, and hosting server may be another one, even though no problem to run and process. Finally after all these SEO is the biggest role to improve your traffic for digital marketing your products.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization. Every page in your website should have following tags to improve web traffic. Those are meta tags, keywords. Meta Tag Description, Meta Tag keywords should be proper relating to your content. Header should disclose correctly relating to your content.

Search Engines: Finally you should add your website in google, yahoo, bingo like search engines. It gives quick access to your website, while in google search.

Google keyword revealer will give right information regarding existing keywords usage. Whatever it may be your keyword and headers should disclose right word relating to your Content only. Otherwise it loses the basics of your webpage

Google alerts are available to give present trends. It will be useful to fulfill the content in your website text. In all most all topics google alerts will be available to boost your website.

For digital marketing so many add agencies are there in the web. For example,,, likewise so many websites are available for earning sources.

In also so many tips are available for improving web traffic. What ever it may be your meta description, keywords and headers should match to your content. If you skip this principle… for the time-being no one will believe your website text. So try to maintain that basic principle.

Digital Marketing: Nowadays 70% of the electronic and general business is going through digital marketing. So in the ocean of digital world, everyone will have his own business Leads forever.So wishing you all the best for your trials.

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