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Fastest growing market for apps in India: So many apps are coming in the market for mobile users, some are paid apps, some are free apps. Free apps also support apps to Mobiles.

India offers most crypto jobs: Presently these works are taken by freelanncres. But it is not going end-to-end process. So software companies are prefering Crypot jobs.

40% rise in demand for blockchain experts in 2018 compared to the previous year. Data from LinkedIn showed that software technology companies posted the most jobs for crypto and blockchain-related roles.

Oracle has announced three new products: for its customers. New applications are going to part of its existing customer experience cloud suite.

The Oracle suite of business applications now gets an analytics application called (1)Infinity, a powerful marketers application called (2)CX audience and (3)Loyalty Cloud, a new cloud service.

Basically Cloud computing concept is added in this to enhance databse extensive utility.

Qualcomm cutting jobs in California: Qualcomm has started cutting jobs in California, with aims to let go of around 1,500 people to meet a $1 billion savings commitment, made to investors.

The job cuts are concentrated in California, layoffs will also occur at other locations. The company currently employs around 33,800 people globally.

Workforce reduction is needed to support long-term growth and success, which will ultimately benefit all our stakeholders and can keep, remaining employees in the long run.

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