Purpose: If you are having specific idea to start a blog, before that you should have business, Plan or service etc. Some technical professionals will start some service oriented blog to share their technologies each other.

Some business professionals will start a blog to show their business Services to the public. Some consultancies will start a blog about their consultancy services. Likewise if you have a specific purpose, you can start a blog. For creating a blog so many free blog creating websites are there. For example www., etc.

Website Builders: Website Builders will help you to build ready-made pages in easiest way. For example in, he is providing website builder, by that builder you can create so many pages according to your requirement.

Having a blog, you are comfortable with your needs, you can keep the same, otherwise, you want to have your own space for hosting your pages, you can go to web-hosting.

Web-hosting: Means It provides space to your web pages, those pages may be basically .html files or other, according to your technical abilities.

Web hosting providers are so many are there,, etc. You can see google search engine so many website providers’ details.

Before going to web-hosting, you should select one, Web Domain name. Once Web-Domain name you booked, then web-hosting will be provided.

Web domain name means, suppose yours is a coffee shop, then you can select “”, already those names are not available, it will suggest available names nearer your requirement.

Generally, previously you having a blog then now you are coming into a domain means, then please take for 3 years of time for hosting. All these are your choice.

Once you have a domain name and Hosting server, then you can start your web pages creation.

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